Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Inc. is dedicated to global conservation through education. We create an emotional bond with our animal ambassadors who deliver our very important message.

Our mission at Wildlife & Environmental Conservation Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of protected and endangered wildlife species and their habitats. Global environmental issues that we all currently face are a fundamental part of our program. We teach and encourage prevention and awareness about the various ways these animals are threatened. WeC also encourages public participation within our program. Habitat loss, pollution, global warming, pesticides, lead poisoning, electrocution, disease, and human intervention casualties are some of the problems that affect wildlife and the environment.

Most of the animals that we use in our presentations are non-releasable individuals that have sustained permanent injuries as a result of various environmental challenges. Also included in our group of animal ambassadors are captive bred species that are extinct or critically endangered. Each animal is cared for, handled, and trained on an individual basis that is tailored to their specific needs. We are supported by private donations exclusively. The animals of this facility contribute to the enhancement of wild animals in their natural habitats. Contributions generated with the help of the different species provide significant funding for worldwide in-situ conservation efforts. Much of this work would not be possible without your continued financial support. In addition, these animal ambassadors act as representatives of their wild counterparts, generating an emotional bond and greater understanding of the importance of these species and the necessity to conserve them.